Area Of Expertize

1. Establishing long term relationships with clients.

GTC always aims to maintain a collaborative relationship with all its clients, offering full dedication and transparency to offer the best quality and service.

2. Global network of sourcing

A long history of  international sourcing of the highest quality ingredients. Our in houce brands are internationally recognized as market leaders in the world.

3. Technical support

Dedicated team of proffesional experts , ready to handle any technical difficulties.

4. Tailor made solutions

Our team of experts are ready to provide excellent cost cutting sollutions and tailor made recipes based on the customer demands.

5. Hands on Training

We provide additional services of highly trained proffesionals to demonstrate and train your team on the different applications of our products.

6. Innovation

Our core strategy is innovation. The company aims to always improve the logistics and opportunities to improve market access and food access.