Diamond Glaze Neutral

• Ready-to-use
• Excellent shine
• Good transparency
• Freeze/thaw stable
• Easy to spread from pail with a pastry knife
• Smooth texture, without lumps
• Thixotropic texture
• Easy to create marble effect
• Natural colour

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A high-quality range of cold application glazes. It is designed to be used on pastries, cakes and desserts such as mousses, cheesecakes and bavarois, where a hot glaze cannot be used. The Mirror Glaze Deluxe, which gives a great shine, can be applied with a brush to fresh fruits or spread using a palette knife on cakes. This is a convenient, ready-to-use product. Simply lightly stir the product before using it, either spreading it onto flat surfaces with a palette knife or applying it to fresh fruits with a brush. In this last case we advise a cold dilution with 5-10% water.

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Gluten Free, Halal