Ideal for crafting gelato, sorbet, and ice cream with unparalleled creaminess and volume
Aids in the optimal distribution of fat in mixtures
Prevents separation and recrystallization in frozen desserts
Also great for improving the texture of pastries and making doughs easier to work with
Great for sweet shops, cafes, and bakeries


Fabbrisoff is an emulsifying and stabilising gel paste for confectionaries and ice creams. Plant-based, it is also suitable for vegan preparations.

When making ice cream, it is added to the base to increase the creaminess and volume of ice creams and sorbets and to improve preservation.

In pastry making, it makes the dough softer and more regular, increasing its volume and retaining air in the dough during baking, thus helping to preserve the cake.

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Ice Cream

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Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Vegan