Fondant Powder Mix

FONDANT ICING is a powdered fondant that only requires the addition of hot water.


FONDANT POWDER is a convenient product with a wide variety of bakery uses. It is used as a high gloss icing on a wide range of items that are either dipped or drizzled with made up FONDANT. Another important use is as a base for soft icings and chocolate fillings.,,Convenience of use is a definite advantage with FONDANT POWDER. ,,With FONDANT POWDER place approximately 125g water and 1kg of FONDANT POWDER in the mixing bowl then mix on low speed for approximately 2 minutes. Heat in a bain-marie to 38-40ºC before use.,,Flavours and colours can be added at the mixing stage as required, and if necessary, the water level altered to adjust consistency.,,For an appealing attractive finish we recommend FONDANT POWDER.

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Gluten Free, Halal, Lactose Free, Vegan