Marbling Crokoloso Wafer

Ideal for topping, decorating, or layering into gelato and other frozen desserts
Smooth, thick consistency prevents it from sinking to the bottom of the pan when mixed with gelato
Also great for filling and decorating desserts and baked goods
Shelf stable for convenient storage Easy to offer hand-crafted, gourmet gelato and other frozen treats filled with ripples of intense flavor

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Dense, creamy, ready-to-use paste, packed with crispy Wafer-flavoured pieces.

With more than 20% hazelnuts and 6.7% wafers, it is ideal for variegating ice creams and enhancing mousses, desserts and semifreddos. The most popular SNACKS become ice cream!

A texture to be experienced.
Snackolosi Fabbri are delicious, irresistible chocolate-based variegations that are reminiscent of the most popular snacks for adults and children, perfect for creating an unforgettable taste experience in the tub.

In contact with ice cream, they behave like stracciatelle, but are softer and form a tasty coating with an enveloping, creamy texture.

Their formulation makes them extremely versatile.

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