Mixybar lemon

Old gold with pale grey hues, it takes on an opalescent straw colour when diluted. Its aroma is quite intense with notes of Sicilian lemon and hints of citrus. Fresh and well balanced on the palate, with a good citrus aftertaste. Excellent with wine distillates, cognac and brandy and a perfect alternative to balance cocktails. Combined with rum it makes a delicious Lemon Daiquiri, and how could we forget its use in the classic lemon granita.

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A complete line of fruit concentrates and more, Mixybar syrups meet every recipe requirement from the great classics to original creations.

Mixybar Fabbri Syrups for yout best cocktails
Highly aromatic concentrates, rich in fruit pulp and juice, they are the ideal ingredients for preparing aperitifs, cocktails and long drinks, as well as granitas, frappes, milk shakes and sorbets. They are an excellent alternative to fresh fruit and indispensable in the preparation of Artisan Drinks, Teas and Sodas, Sourmania, Sbritz and Spritz.

Once opened, Mixybars, stored at room temperature, retain their qualities down to the last drop. The ergonomic grip bottle made of unbreakable food-grade plastic guarantees safe shipping. The wide range of Mixybar cocktail ingredients is specially designed to suit all tastes and to create new ones.

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