Mixyfruit sweet n sour

It features powerful citrus aromas of Sicilian lemon, lime and grapefruit, with a very persistent finale. Fresh, thick and balanced on the palate. Best mixed with spirits, liqueurs, juices and sodas. An indispensable ingredient in a good Vodka Sour. Combined with Mixybar Plus Passion Fruit or Mixybar Plus Strawberry, it is used to make Sourmania, Fabbri 1905’s refreshing craft drinks.



Great versatility and a very high fruit pulp content make Fabbri pulps a real must for bar professionals.

Ingredients for cocktails with very hig juice and fruit pulp content
A real must for barmen and bartenders, Mixyfruit is a range of cocktail ingredients ideal for long drinks, milk shakes, frappes, sorbets, granitas and any recipe using fresh fruit.
Mixyfruit is an indispensable range for cocktails, innovative both in terms of content and packaging, a true “speed bottle” that can be reused even after the product has been finished.

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