Multiseed Mix

•A healthy combination of sourdough, oat flakes, wheat bran,
sunflower seeds, flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds.
• Contains a lot of fibre, and can with a simple recipe be turned
into a bread with whole grains and go under a health claim*.
• Very tasty with its wonderful taste of sourdough together with
the flavour and texture provided by the seeds.

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Health is on the consumer’s minds more than ever before. The consumer is
looking for products that in various ways provides good health and nutrition.
Bakels Multiseed with its healthy combination of oat flakes, wheat bran, sunflower
seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds and sourdough, is an excellent choice to meet
consumer demands. Bakels Multiseed provides the bread with several nutritional
benefits and at the same time gives the product a full-bodied really good taste.

Multiseed is bake stable and gives an excellent volume, fluffy crust and beautiful structure. Like all Bakels Aromatics bread bases, the Multiseed base is suitable for large scale production as well as small.

The possibilities for variations are many, and the bread base gives unique bread with many commercial opportunities. Use for everything from hard bread to light and dark bread, tea cakes, loaves, stone oven baked bread and much more.

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Halal, Lactose Free, Vegan