Nutty Nero (Oreo)

Ideal for topping, decorating, or layering into gelato and other frozen desserts
Smooth, thick consistency prevents it from sinking to the bottom of the pan when mixed with gelato
Also great for filling and decorating desserts and baked goods
Shelf stable for convenient storage Easy to offer hand-crafted, gourmet gelato and other frozen treats filled with ripples of intense flavor

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This is a cream with 16% low-fat cocoa powder, characterised by a typical cocoa biscuit flavour; it contains only one natural emulsifier: soya lecithin. In confectionary-making it can also be used as a flavouring for confectionary creams or to variegate semifreddos. It can also be used to fill tartlets, in which case it is necessary to NOT expose the Nutty Nero to the direct heat of the oven (but it is okay to protect the layer of cream with another layer of shortcrust pastry). Its fluid consistency makes it ideal also in ice creams as a variegate and for making creminos. Everyone’s crazy for Nutty!
It’s true: everyone loves Nutty creams! And they are more versatile than ever.

You can use them in the ICE CREAM MAKER:
delicious as soft variegations
a must-try as an ice cream flavour directly in the mixer mixed only with milk
irresistible in multilayer creminos
amazing to coat the inside of the cones
Also special in PASTRIES:
rich post-oven fillings of croissants, brioches, etc.
spreadable creams for crêpes
delicious for flavouring semifreddos, pralines and cakes

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